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5 Ways That the Obama Administration Has Taken Away America’s Freedom

5 Ways That the Obama Administration Has Taken Away America’s Freedom

The subject of this article is to address 5 ways in which “The One” has taken away America’s Freedom. I basically tore several little strips of paper with several different ways Obama has corroded the fabric in the American way of life since he has been elected. I placed all of those strips of paper in a ball cap and limited myself in drawing only 5 that I would then write about in this article. With that established please understand that entire books could be written about how this administration is certain destruction for America’s core values and individual freedoms.

I am so sick of the politically correct bondage that has been placed on all of us as Americans and even worse “Citizens of the World”. We are at the point where people are afraid to express themselves because of the attacks that may come from the opposing opinion or view. Most recently this writer has been reprimanded for the language used in posted articles. The language was of my thoughts and opinions that I wished to express and share with others who may feel the same way. However because my language may have been offensive to those of the opposing view I was not allowed to post the articles because the language was deemed too “risky”. For further explanation I have never posted or attempted to post any article with vulgar language or anything deemed inappropriate. What we are really talking about here is how the Obama administration and its staff filled with Socialists, Marxists, Communists and supporters of the like are desperately trying to silence anyone that opposes them. Basically we as Americans have given them the authority to decide what is considered offensive and to whom. The example is how under this administration it is acceptable to burn effigies of Sara Palin and George W. Bush, but if one mentions the words “Obama” and “Nazi” or “dictator” it is considered offensive and extreme. The hypocrisy and double standard is ridiculous and is offensive to me. It should offend you too. Please keep in mind that until the category “News / Society”, with the sub category “Opinion” no longer exists I will do my very best to continue to post my opinion accompanied by facts to this venue.

Is anyone else sick of hearing the Democrat party making claim that Obama has saved the world with his policies and that those right-wing “white” racist extremists has no base for discontent with him as our nation’s elected representative of the highest office? The subject of this article is to address 5 ways in which “The One” has taken away the freedom of all Americans. I basically tore several little strips of paper with several different ways Obama has corroded the fabric in the American way of life since he has been elected. I placed all of those strips of paper in a ball cap and limited myself in drawing only 5 that I would then write about in this article. With that established please understand that entire books could be written about how this administration is certain destruction for America’s core values and individual freedoms.

1. Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2009 (LLEHCA HR 1913) –

Essentially speaking this law (already passed) gives a Federally protected status to gays and minorities. This makes any speech against any gay or minority hate speech and any crime against them is then considered a hate crime. Although I have nothing against individuals being homosexual I do hate this law in that it also discriminates against the first amendment right of Free Speech and Religion. If a preacher speaks against homosexuality, it is considered hate speech. Also if an un protected citizen and a citizen in protected status are both victims of a crime the victim in a protected status’ case is priority over the non protected individual.

This law is the re-creation of the caste system and essentially destroys the idea that we are all equal in the eyes of the law and that Justice is blind. Interestingly this law leaves all kinds of room for abuse by those protected, in that if the states do not find the accused guilty and determine they are in fact not guilty or the case is not prosecuted, the federal government will pick up the case. Therefore individuals accused may stand trial for the same crime twice. This does not violate the “Double Jeopardy” law however, because the trials would be in two different courts. This law is a product of political correctness and is an enemy of free speech, religion and expression. It also blurs the lines between state and local government and poses a threat to individual freedom and state sovereignty, leaving room for further government control. In the end this law is an equal opportunity oppressor.

2. Obama’s Tarp, The Bailout and the Jobs bill –

Got it; this one started with G.W., but….the problem with the bailouts is that nothing is without its price. The cost of the bailouts is more government regulation and control over businesses. Many simply ignore the fact the auto industry is controlled by the government. GM Motors is now Government Motors. If we simply allow the government to take over business by means of bailouts with draconian control measures, instead of letting them fall flat on their faces for their failures to make sound decisions; we are simply opening the doors for government to move into every aspect of our lives. I own a business and I’ll be damned if I will stand by and allow the mistakes of major corporations to affect how my business is ran because of harsh government imposed regulations, for bail out money I never even saw.

 The premise of the Tarp and the bailouts were to stimulate the economy by keeping businesses afloat and creating more jobs. However due to government corruption and incompetence there are billions of dollars that have simply been unaccounted for that the taxpayers will ultimately be held accountable for by tax increases. It is a proven fact that neither Tarp or the Bail out were successful in achieving their goals. Sure Obama and his minions would have you believe that they created millions of jobs. Fact is those jobs were government jobs and were temporary jobs only providing a minimum stimulus to the economy. We essentially came to the same outcome as the housing crisis. We created a false sense of security and a bubble, which will eventually pop, leaving us in a far worse predicament than we are in now. Here is a little “FYI” there were millions of dollars funneled to zip codes that don’t even exist! Where did the money go?

3. Health Care Reform –

 Obamacare is not going to help you. This is a subject that I could write an entire book on, not because of it’s 1900 (plus) pages, but because it is un sustainable, irresponsible and unconstitutional. First off, WELCOME TO SOCIALIST AMERICA! This bill HR 3962, is redistribution of wealth on a scale not yet seen in America and will not be dwarfed by any other proposed legislation except for Cap and Trade. Bottom line The Government can now Legally tell you what you have to buy. In this case it’s Health insurance. With the passage of this bill, they also destroy the incentives and rewards system of a capitalist economic system by controlling the entire medical field. The government now decides what the salary will be for a doctor, surgeon, physician assistant and other medical professionals. They also dictate where anyone who would choose to go into the medical field will live and practice. This in itself is an entire book. 

In order for there to be a socialized health care program of this magnitude, taxes must increase, new taxes must be created, because there will be a massive overhaul of the medical field that must be regulated more government agencies and bureaus will be created as well. These offices and agencies must be funded. Welcome to mass-produced, assembly line style health care. Say good-bye to quality, because doctors will be over burdened due to the increase in those seeking care, where there was not before. You will find that because of the patient overload, doctors will rely more heavily on simply prescribing a pill for the remedy of most ailments. That is if you even get to see a doctor instead of an underling because of the unavailability.

Medical research will come to a screaming halt, due to the decreased demand and competition that keeps quality and research in top form through the private systems. Where there was once hope for a cure to some things there will no longer be. Pharmaceutical companies and medical research companies will move their businesses elsewhere where they are needed, which will result in more lost jobs. Eugenics and increased Human experimentation for government studies will have the open door, because the government controls the system. The government sets the value on life and health care will be, yes it WILL BE RATIONED ACCORDING TO ONE’S VALUE TO SOCIETY! It is stated in the bill, only Obama say’s it’s not rationing. There are also DEATH PANELS! Obama calls this process of government sponsored euthanasia End of Life Care. It’s in the bill! Once more Government has scored big with this one because it infringes upon so many freedoms across a grand spectrum of our lives as Americans.

4. Expanded Government Control over Local and State Law Enforcement -

 In January 2010 Barrack Obama signed a law that will enable him to choose 6 governors as key leaders over 6 FEMA regions in the United States to essentially control a “Partnership” between state law enforcement and military. This is essentially the federalization of many state law enforcement agencies in America and expands the roles of the National Guard, thus federalizing them as well. No where in the law does it say anything about martial law; but you can see where this is headed. By the way the media didn’t even touch this one. Another “FYI” even the “TSA” is now unionized. What does that mean for law enforcement in the future?


Barrack Hussein Obama, in all of his infinite wisdom and omnipotence decided that even before the investigation into the matter was complete he would cease all off shore drilling for a minimum of 6 months. This is particularly interesting since a major portion of the oil that our country produces and uses comes from off shore drilling. I will sum it up like this. No drilling, Job losses, supporting businesses lose traffic and profit, eventual increase in prices at the pump because we will have to get the fuel from else where; which result in less mobility, less commuting, less business and less money equaling more damage to the economy and jobless rates equaling more unemployment funding and an increase in taxes. Get the picture.

 Obama and Al Gore claim that such off shore drilling causes too much damage to the earth and by the way they also begin the push for Cap and Trade, which is even more oppressive and bankrupting than Healthcare. Coincidentally, even though Obama ceased drilling in America he send 3 Billion in tax payer dollars to his buddy (Campaign fund donor and puppet master) George Soros who is heavily invested in a Drilling company in Brazil named “Petrobras”. Basically we are now paying extra to a Brazilian company to do the same thing that could be done off America’s shores. Just another example of how this administration wants to cripple America’s economy and redistribute our wealth to other nations.

I challenge you to not only take my word for it, but do your own research. I hope that this article has been of some use to you. Till next time!

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Andy Curtiss is a professional Mixed Martial Artist, Tactical Consultant and author. He is also the owner of The Academy of Combat Application Techniques located in Fort Worth Texas. Andy is a former Green Beret and a combat veteran who was nominated for the Silver Star and awarded the Bronze Star with a "V" device for combat valor. Although Andy's passion is the warrior lifestyle and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, he also writes about politics from a center/ right point of view. He is considered to be of Constitutionalist/ Libertarian political lines and a staunch opponent of left wing politics. His books, Combat Application Techniques: Principles of Destruction and 1984 Redux are available worldwide on demand. Andy is an E-Zine Articles "Expert" author with over 10 published articles. He has also been published on E-line merchandising as an "Expert Author". Due to recent politics and events Andy has chosen to publish much of his content regarding Self Defense and Politics here on Word Press. In a world raped by political correctness and whipped into submission by those of the far left. A world where the media is controled by Anti American, leftist zombies this blog / E-Zine aims to blatantly defy by expressing freely and with intent to agitate those who wish to silence the masses. This is Andy Curtiss' Word Press E-Zine! Also see sites: http://1984reduxsayhellotobigbrother.blogspot.com/ http://www.1984redux.zoomshare.com http://www.knife-and-h2h-combat.com


One thought on “5 Ways That the Obama Administration Has Taken Away America’s Freedom

  1. Just a few of the freedoms taken away.

    Posted by Janet Griesenbeck | February 13, 2012, 9:00 pm

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